Introduction: It is rare benign soft tissue tumor arising from embryonal fat. It is usually seen in infants & children. There are two types, the encapsulated/ well circumscribed is called as lipoblastoma while noncapsulate, diffuse & infiltrating type is called as lipoblastomatosis.

Sites of Origin: The most common site is limb but it can occure in retroperitoneum, head & neck, mediastinum, trunk etc.

Clinical presentation:
1. Painless soft tissue tumor
2. Pressure symptoms

1. soft tissue mass
2. pseudofluctuation
3. nontender
4. lobulated surface

Histological subtypes:
1. classic type
2. myxoid lipoblastomas
3. lipoma-like lipoblastomas
4. hibernoma-like lipoblastomas

Treatment: Complete surgical excision is the main modality of treatment. There is no adjuvant therapy is required. The chances of local recurrence is high especially in incomplete excision or when the margins are microscopically involved. So long follow-up is necessary.

Prognosis: Excellent.


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